Stowaway is a concept restaurant drawn from the owner’s travel in Australasia. Themes for the design were familiar yet unique, stunning yet simple, elegant yet unpretentious. The project resulted 60 individual pieces and seven designs completely unique to the space. The tables, chairs and light fixtures are made entirely of solid walnut. The booths and benches are made from mixed white wood and douglas fir with walnut accents.

I wanted to achieve a very personal feel with the build and to do that, small and deliberate details were included in every piece. 112 butterfly keys, each cut and placed by hand, can be found throughout the space, as well as 24 turquoise applications. Each edge in every piece was chamfered using a hand plane, and angles were added to underside joinery to create visual appeal. In many cases, such details are hidden in ways obscured by placement, such as the underside of tables or the top of shelves behind the front counter. The space was made to reward the eye of a keen observer.

  • 3 large booth tables
  • 2 two sided booth seats
  • 2 bench style booth seats
  • 4 round top banquettes
  • 4 rectangular top banquettes
  • 8 index chairs
  • 2 live edge communal tables
  • 3 square 4-top tables
  • 3 pendant light fixtures
  • 30 hand cut walnut serving trays
  • 5 live edge shelves

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